The big list of INDOOR activities!

We thought we’d start by compiling a list of ideas for things to do.  We are trying to avoid the use of computers and hand held consoles! This is about good old fashioned fun. Then in further posts we will look at some of them in detail.  Please help us by suggesting your own ideas!

Indoor activities

Cooking / baking


Making a den

Playing board games or card games

Making films

Playing with pets, maybe make a maze for the hamster or an obstacle course for the dog!



Do a puzzle – you can even make your own


Making gift cards / vouchers for upcoming birthdays

Make your own treasure hunt

Read a book

Do some creative writing

Make up a play and perform it


Write a letter

Get crafty using old cardboard boxes, drinks bottles (plastic ones!), straws, paper and stickers. Only limited by your imagination with this one.


Rainy Day Blues

We’ve all had those days.  Those days that seem to drag on and there seems to be nothing interesting to do.

Maybe you had made plans and then the weather spoiled them or you were doing a team event and then somebody couldn’t make it.

Perhaps it’s the long school holidays and the kids are bored.  That is so familiar in our house!  You spend so long looking forward to the holidays and the lie-ins then all of a sudden you’re counting the days until school starts again! It really should not be like that.

So with this in mind, we aim to bring ideas for things to do to make those rainy days and never ending holidays pass with ease.  Mostly we will be writing about things you can do indoors, but for when the weather is agreeable we will also look at outdoor activities.

If you have any good ideas then feel free to suggest them in the comments or ask us to write about them.  This site is meant to be about fun, you can help us make it!